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Hello! Project Lyrics Wiki

I'm Eliana/Shells. I run isitneccessary and I created this wiki. (In the literal sense of having clicked "Start A Wiki". In terms of who actually put together the wonderful wiki design you're viewing right now, that was almost entirely Kica.)

You can reach me on Twitter at @girlyhosoi.

My favorite groups are Morning Musume and BEYOOOOONDS in Hello! Project, and outside of Hello! Project I like Up Up Girls (2), AOP, Dance for Philosophy, Naniwa Danshi and Sexy Zone.

My favorite H!P members are Haga Akane, Kishimoto Yumeno, Onoda Saori, Kiyono Momohime, and Yonemura Kirara!

I really love the songs and lyrics of Tsunku, Kodama Ameko and Hoshibe Sho!


Current to-do list

  • Make a bot for this wiki (last attempt the bots did not work with the new fandom software)
    • if a bot can automatically make redirects for differences in punctuation, capitalization etc do that too
    • possible to use bots to convert old table to new table? or mark pages needing conversion?
    • maybe eventually add apple music links for songs on their pages, but this might be a little more work than a bot can do
  • Finish Hello! Project Lyrics Wiki:Making a New Lyrics Page
    • Info on filling in new lyrics template
    • What to do for unreleased songs
    • Importing lyrics from Japanese sites
    • How to import completed color codes
    • Adding notes
    • Finding official videos for the video section
    • Finding and adding liner notes
    • Categories
  • Add lyrics and translations for Una mas
  • Put translations for the drama CD tracks of BEYOOOOOND1St
  • Make pages and add lyrics and translations for Tsubaki Factory's album first bloom
  • Make discography page for Up Up Girls (2), add lyrics for songs I've already translated
  • Make discography page for PINK CRES., add lyrics for songs I've already translated
  • Make pages + add translation for the following Kenshuusei songs (more to add later)

I don't mind if anyone else wants to do any of these themselves, with the exception of the translations if they're not published on my blog (though even if you snatch something I wanted to translate I'll get over it lol)