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Hello! Project Lyrics Wiki
Hello! Project Lyrics Wiki

The To-Do List details what we plan to add to the Hello! Project Lyrics Wiki! Take a look below for what needs to be added!

High Priority

Short List of Songs that Need Pages
Acts currently in need of pages

Medium Priority

  • Fill in {{FeaturedMembers}} with more lineups. This can be done bit by bit and group by group as we get more groups on the wiki.
  • Figure out what we'll do for alternate/live color codes and start making pages for them. (See YEAH YEAH YEAH/Other Versions as a tentative example)
  • Create redirect pages for alternate spellings and translations of songs listed on the wiki.
  • Create pages for related Up-Front Acts. Priority should be given to acts that are of more interest to H!P fans like UUG family (though member colors are a bit of a worry for UUG2), Sayumi, Meimi, Joujou Gundan (maybe they're not of THAT much interest to H!P fans but they only have 2 singles and those happen to be translated), and H!P OG acts. Suzuki Airi has a comprehensive fansite, so we can probably leave her lyrics to them.
  • Add translations for liner notes.

Low Priority

  • Transcribe official lyrics for A-side tracks. This is mainly for completeness more than anything, but maybe there's someone out there who wants to see them and perhaps compare them to fan translations etc.